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If you have had a tooth knocked out, extracted, or lost to tooth decay, its loss can affect the function and future health of your smile in many ways. Even if you learn to chew with fewer teeth and can accept the impending changes to your facial structure, the gap in your teeth will begin to alter the alignment of your bite. We encourage you to consider receiving a dental bridge to enhance the health and function of your smile.

Missing teeth allow the nearby teeth to turn and drift out of their proper alignment, resulting in additional dental problems such as enamel attrition and increased risk of chipped or fractured teeth. In this situation, you are welcome to schedule an appointment at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry for treatment options for tooth loss. If addressed early, our dentist may be able to replace missing teeth with a conservative dental bridge.

To place a bridge, we form abutments from the two neighboring teeth by removing the tooth enamel layer to form a pair of healthy dentin pillars to support the bridge. Then, we make an impression of the area to send to a state-of-the-art dental lab to have the dental bridge custom created. Later, you will need to visit again for a brief follow up to receive the dental bridge, which is cemented in place with a powerful dental adhesive.

If you have lost a tooth and are interested in receiving a dental bridge in Burnsville, Minnesota, give us a call at 952-941-9829 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist and team. Dr. Mike Henrickson and Dr. Chue Cha are here for your oral health!