Timely Dental Care Is Needed for a Loose Dental Crown

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While dental crowns are typically cemented into their anchoring abutment with a strong dental adhesive, it is still possible for oral trauma, or chronic poor oral hygiene to weaken the adhesive’s bond. This can cause one of your dental crowns to feel loose, or overly sensitive.

Should you find yourself in a situation like this, you need to have the loose dental crown examined by an experienced dentist. The longer you procrastinate professional care the more likely you are to experience significant complications. 

While you wait for your appointment with our dental team, you should resist the temptation to wiggle or play with the loose dental crown. It’s also a bad idea to attempt to clean the loose dental crown. Even a small amount of motion could potentially to cause damage to the abutment. Any necessary cleaning measures should be left to the professional tools and techniques at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry.

If the internal abutment that anchors the crown is unharmed we might be able to recement the dental crown or start the process of preparing a new dental crown. If the abutment has suffered some trauma, we might need to perform a root canal to restore the abutment’s structure.

If you are in the Burnsville, Minnesota, area and you have loose or distressed dental crown, you should call 952-941-9829 to schedule an appointment at Twin Cities Modern Dentistry. Dr. Mike Henrickson and Dr. Chue Cha are always ready to help you with your smile!